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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Red Riding Hood ...

You know this fairy tale by heart, don't you? But did you know that every fairy tale has parts which were lost in times? Stories which never got told?

Make your choices - live with the consequences. 

The Path of Fate is a little visual novel which retells the fairy tale of Red Riding Hood. Take on the role of Little Red and revisit the tale through her eyes. You can make choices along the way which will determine the ending you get.
There are 4 endings in total.

Special Thanks goes to Pladde, Gin, MagiusMonozerrus and Fiore, who all contributed to this project with Music and Audio Files. Sadly they didn't made it into the game.


ThePathofFate[WIN+LINUX].zip 54 MB
ThePathofFate[MAC].zip 37 MB

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